Do I've to go for a visa stamping in India after H1B transfer approval?

I’m working for a company X. company Y applied visa for me and it got approved.
I’m planning to travel India for 2 weeks after resigning from company X.
After coming back from India I’m planning to join company Y.

I’ve a valid visa stamped until 2021 on company X.
I’ve 2 questions.

  1. Do I’ve to go for a visa stamping in India?
  2. As 2 weeks is too short to get visa stamped I’m planning to show my new I797 while coming back to US. Is there a complexity involved here?

You can use your existing H1B visa stamp to return to USA.

Just carry your new approved H1B transfer i797 with you and show it to visa officer to get extended i94.

Hello Anil,

Recently I had H1 transfer to new employer and it got approved. But my Previous H1 was not yet withdrawn from my old employer. Now I would like to go to H1 stamping with new H1 petition. Will there be any issue in the interview since my old H1 petition is not yet withdrawn from my old employer ?


Hi @ranjit

There are no issues in H1B stamping after transfer approval even when your previous H1B has not been withdrawn yet.