Do many days prior to H4 visa from date can H4 enter US?

My Spouse got an H4 OFC appoint for Oct 7th today and would be travelling to India. Her current H4 renewal petition is pending and once approved would start from Dec 3rd 2022. She has applied for EAD extension separately and is pending as well.
→ How soon can she travel back to US after H4 Visa (Dec 03, 2022 - Dec 02, 2025) when she has current H4 approved petition and EAD till Dec 02, 2022 but no visa stamp. I have read in your blog that H1b’s are allowed to travel to the US 10 days prior to their visa start date but could not find any information regarding H4.
→ Should she carry both current and future 797 originals?

She can enter the very next day her visa is issued.

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