Do the case officer call for PR visa interviews?


i have 5 questions :

  1. so normally do the co call for interviews?

  2. and the permanent resident card do they give in hand at the airport or they mail it ?

  3. also the medicare will they mail it or give it at the airport ?

  4. after eoi submission do we have to mail the documents to them education certificates and other documents ?

  5. do we have to mail them the passport for pr grant visa or when pr grant they will send by email ?

Australia PR interview

There is no interview call for PR visa.

Permanent resident Card

You get the PR letter by email when your PR is approved.

Australia Medicare

You have to register for medicare after you have entered Australia.

Mail the documents to Australia Immigration after EOI

You need to upload documents in your Australia online immiaccount once you get an invite.

Mail the passport

There is no need to mail the passport anywhere. The PR grant is sent over to your by email and is available in your Australia online immiaccount.

Passport is required when you enter Australia.

How do I get the PR card after living inside Australia ?

Your passport is attached to your Australia PR record.

As per my information, Australia does not issue any separate PR card.

WOW bro !

U ROC !!!

so they attach the passport to Australia PR record

Normally the PR record is for 5 years right ?

The PR record does it expire boss ?

Does the Permanent Residency expire on the Passport ?

like is it like do I have to be in Australia for 5 years or 2 years or I have to renew the Permanent Residency

By the way I am U.S passport holder

Kindly let me know my queries

Not sure why you are interested in Australia PR if you are a US citizen. Any specific reason?

Anyways, Australia PR is given for 5 years.
You have to send information about your renewed passport to attach the PR record to new passport.

You have to stay in Australia for at-least 2 years to have a realistic chance of PR renewal.


Reason is Aussie…is OZ good life

Gun control free

U can’t buy arms legally

Life security good !!!

Bosss… another question

The work experience I gathered from U.S will it be recognized boss !!!

Bachelors was from Singapore

will this be considered boss !! ?

or do I need to start off masters degree again !! ?

About jobs and everything do I need to start off everything like start off studies from scratch ?

Start everything from the bottom ?

Not sure what you mean by starting at bottom. You can’t keep studying again every time you need to re-locate to new country.

Your education and work experience can be used to find your eligibility.

The first step is to find your ANZSCO job code that fits your profile.
The second step is to find Australia PR points and then the next step can be suggested.

Ok cause my friends that migrated to Canada

They had to start off from the scratch

Canada is one country that doesn’t recognize any qualifications

Suppose if u do PhD from Aussie and come Canada

they would say do u have Canadian experience. ? my friends in Canada faced it

Thats why I asked u is it same in Aussie

Like Canadians are chicken hearted

is Aussie like that ?

Each country including USA does the same for new job and ask for their own country’s experience.

But, everything changes if your job is in demand there.

u see in Canada people complains immigrants gets no decent jobs odd jobs

skin colour is a big problem immigrants say

I am not aware of any such incident in Australia or Canada or USA.

ya in Canada if u have darker skin no good job

America ok uk ok

canada not good

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