Do we pay for biometric again if B1/B2 extension is applied again within 3 months due to Coronavirus

Hi Anil,
I have to apply for 2nd time extension for B1/B2 visa , since the first extension we requested is only for 3 months which is going to expire by May 1st week. I thought to sent a letter to change the date by few more months after the lockdown got extended in india, but the extension approval came by suddenly and now i have to apply for another extension looks like since the flight got cancelled and lockdown is extended and I94 is going to expire by may 2nd which came via extension approval.

Sorry for too many questions but confused how to proceed. Appreciate your responses and the help you do to the community.

  1. if we can get the flight by a week later after i94 expiry , is it ok to overstay a week or so and not apply for extension again ? Do you suggest to apply extension again with biometric fee ?


  1. can we send a letter kind of thing saying to extend for 3 more months , since in first extension i only requested for 3 months beyond original 6months or call uscis and explain the situation?

  2. Can a person stay more than yr continuously on B2 visa? How much duration a person can sty on B2 visa considering the situations here. Its already going to be 9 months in our case by may, so we can only extend for 3 more months ?

  3. Do i have to pay for biometric again if extension had to be applied , even if the biometric was given during the first time extension applied 3 months back.

I don’t suggest to have overstay of even 1 day extra. This can be bad for future visa applications and future entry to US.

No, you cannot send any letter to extend the B2 stay. You have to file a new i539 application.

If you cannot travel due to Coronavirus closures, then there is no other way than to apply the extension before i94 expiry. Apply for 6 month extension. You did the right thing by applying for 3 month extension though.

Usually, the recommended max term is 6 months for B2 visitors. But, during this unprecedented COVID-19 situation, there are no other options available but to keep staying in US as long as the life threat is not over.

Yes, you have to pay for biometric again. Its required with each new i539 application.

Hi @Anil.Gupta , Thanks for responding. Since i have already extended for 3 months beyond the initial 6 months , should i just extend for 3 more months only , so the entire duration would be 1 yr of stay. Or can i go ahead and request for 6 more months to avoid another extension if lock down restrictions are not over by then ?

Our tickets were already cancelled by airlines and could able to reschedule the tickets for June 1st week though , but not sure if the lock-down and travel restrictions will be over by then.

Also , since the lockdown extension decision was made on april 15 and our flight travel got cancelled by airlines only last week, will it be any problem resulting in denial of extension if we apply now , since only one week left for i-94 expiry. I heard that we need to apply atleast 45 days before.

Please suggest.

Its your choice to choose the next extension term.

I think it is better to apply for 6 months keeping in mind the Coronavirus closures.

Hi @Anil.Gupta , one last question. When my parents arrived their initial I-94 is valid till Feb 5, 2020. with the extension which i already applied in december, we got new I-94 with the extension approval which is valid from Feb 6,2020 to May 4, 2020.

Since i am applying for another extension , During online submission of Extension it is asking for "What is your I-94 Arrival-Departure Record Number?"

So which one should i fill it with . the latest one came with Extension or the old one which we got from CBP website ?

Thank you.

Whenever you apply extension, you have to enter most recent i94 information.