Document delivery information is blank after issued

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Hi my name is Anil. I completed my interview on 8th November,2021 at delhi. I got accepted my visa at that only. But my passport was not arrived till now. Showing as “Document delivery information blank”. It was completed two weeks by now but no response. My ceac status also issued at that time.i kept premium delivery to my home. Any idea ? What’s going on?

Hi, can you please share your experience? I am in a similar situation and would appreciate your response


I attended for Visa Interview on 2nd March 2022 in New Delhi. VO said that they need some additional information from employer and keeping my application under Administrative Process. But she took my passport and issued yellow slip without any documents list.

After 2 weeks, the status in ustraveldocs, it is changed to Document Delivery Information. However, ceac is still showing Refused.
I am not sure what it exactly means and nowhere I could find any reference.

Could you please share your experience?


Hi, my case is similar. Do you have any updates on yours? please share your experience. Thank you.

I dropped an email to support team and received response on the second day.
They asked me if there were any documents mentioned to submit while issuing yellow slip.
I replied that there was nothing mentioned as such and attached ds160 and yellow slip.
After two days, the status changed to Administrative Process in ceac portal from Refused.
After another two days, the status got changed to Issued in ceac and they updated the status in us travel docs porta as well saying "Passport has been received from consulate and being processed for delivery.’

Then I received my passport in another 2 days.

thank you for sharing

3/29/2022 Documents Dropped at Ahmedabad VFS location
3/30/2022 CEAS status updated Case Received
4/06/2022 CEAS status updated Administrative Processing

I had a return flight to US on 10th which i ended up canceling, since i did not receive visa and passport on time. I enquired about this to Consulate Mumbai and got response that your case is still under review and no further action required from your end at this point.

I have gotten Visa’s since 2001 not sure what is taking so long for them issue Visa and return passport.

Please feel free to share your experience.