"Document was Mailed" Status for H1B form I-129 while RFE response not submitted yet

I recevied an RFE June 16th and on August 8th, my status changed to “Document was mailed.”
This worries me since we haven’t responded to the RFE yet.
I have applied for Consular Processing and it is in the California Center

What does the community think about this?
Has anyone had a similar experience?

Hi @kothari_chinmay

It could be a wrong case update too. I would wait for the document to arrive, if any.

I have seen cases where USCIS approved the H1B even though the RFE response was not submitted! This happened at California center itself.

Generally, document was mailed signifies the approval.

I am just giving you an example. It may be a wrong status too.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I will just have to wait for the mail to arrive.

Hi @kothari_chinmay what did you receive in your mail?

Hi @kothari_chinmay. What happened to your case?. I did get the same thing as Document was mailed . I got an RFE and we replied back and then the case status was showing as document was mailed. Please let me know as it would help me in understanding this scenario better.