Documents check for H4 EAD extension application

I am filing for my wife’s H4 EAD extension application and preparing all the documentation.
Below are the documents that we have as of now. Am I missing any document that I should be adding along with the below documents? And is any of the below documents not required and will hurt the EAD application in any way?

  1. My wife’s two photographs (we are writing her full name and SSN on the back of the two photographs with pencil)
  2. Filled copy of G-1145 (for e-notification)
  3. Filled copy of G-1450 (for authorizing $410 on my credit card)
  4. Filled copy of I-765
  5. My wife’s SSN copy (front and back)
  6. My wife’s passport (front and back)
  7. My wife’s H4 visa (the old one) and passport immigration stamps. Her H4 visa / I94 from the passport has expired on Sep 30, 2019 - we filed for her H4 extension before Sep 30.
  8. My wife’s H4 EAD card copy - it expired on Sep 30 (front and back)
  9. Her old I94 copy - we got it from the USCIS website (the one that expired on Sep 30)
  10. Her old Travel History copy - we got it from the USCIS website (the one that expired on Sep 30)
  11. My new H1-B visa approval copy (I797 A) - expiring Sep 30, 2022)
  12. My I140 approval notice with my current employer
  13. Our marriage certificate.
  14. The tear-off portion from the original EAD application that we received along-with the EAD card when we received my wife’s EAD card the first time. It has a barcode number on this page and they say it will help speed application for an extension or replacement card.
  15. I797 copy of my wife’s new H4 extension application (H4 application is still pending & not yet approved) Should I send the original or can I just send a copy?
  16. The ASC appointment letter shows the biometric stamp - indicating my wife completed her H4’s biometric appointment. Should I send the original or can I just send a copy?

Hi @mHVK21

You can cross check the H4 EAD extension documents checklist here.

Hi Anil,
Can you confirm if we include a copy of my wife’s pending H4 & biometric application (she has completed her biometric appointment and has the stamped copy of it) or should we send the originals for these two documents?
Also, in the I765 document, do we have to put a comment in the last page indicating that my wife’s H4 extension is still in progress? I am keeping the i94 section blank for her as her I94 has expired.

Did you read the article that I linked? It has the full set of documents that you need to send along with a sample renewal form. It answers all your questions.

It will save both your and my time if you can spare some time to read already available information.

Questions specific to filing H4 EAD while H4 extension is pending have been answered here.

Apologies but I did read your linked article. It does not say what to do if there is a pending H4 extension application? I did find another article related to this question though - Apply H4 EAD while H1B or H4 Extension is Pending - AM22 Tech.

But even in this article, it is not clear two things-

  1. Should we include the documents of pending H4 & biometric?

  2. It says to include the most recent i94 number in Q. 21.a on form I765.

I am not understanding whether to keep it blank as the most recent I94 that my wife has is expired now OR should I still put the old i94 number even if it has expired.

You should write the i94 number even if it is expired.

You can include the pending H4 extension receipt copy along with Biometric letter copy but its not required.

Thanks - I will include the two documents as evidence of pending H4 extension applications. Do you think we should also put a comment on the last page of I765 document (Part 6 - Page 7) something like “We have filed for H4 extension. Application receipt number is: xxxx123”
I am asking this because nowhere in the application they ask about a pending H4 extension application details. Or can I skip doing this and the two documents that I include are sufficient?

Its not required. You can include a cover letter though if you want.