Documents for ACS Assessment - Questions & Answers

Hi Anil,
Can you pls advice on the below for employment docs. I am about to submit docs for ACS assessment awaiting for below answers

  1. If roles & responsibilities and all other details mentioned in my Service letter do I still need any other reference letters from co-workers ?
  2. Also couldn’t get roles & responsibilities mentioned for one of the past employer. So here I need to get co-worker letter on Stamp paper or Notary is sufficient?
    Stamp paper has any specification like 100rs or 50rs ?
  3. Does Payslips need to be certified(seal & signature) by employer ?
    I have Payslips with me but not certified !

Hi All,

I am going to apply for ACS assessment. I have been employed in 3 different companies from 2011- to present. I have the following documents:

Work Experience Letters - - Letters from all the employers from 2011-till present.

Roles and Responsibilities Letters - Letters from all the employers from 2011-till present.

Payment Evidence : 1. Payslips from all the employers from 2011- till present.
2. Form 16 from 2011-till present

Educational Documents - Degree, All the semester wise marksheets (1st - 8th semester with details of course names), 12th Certificate (marksheet), 10th Certificate (marksheet)

I have two questions on the ACS assessment:

  1. Are the above documents sufficient for submission or do I need to add any other document? Also, the latest guideline from Sep, 2019 mentions the transcript for educational documents So wanted to know from you guys if you are submitting the university transcripts or marksheets are sufficient?

  2. My wife is also going to apply for the ACS assessment. Her name was changed after marriage. So, her first employment and educational documents have her maiden name but the current passport and current employment have name changed. Is Marriage Certificate enough to satisfy the name change criteria or any other document is required for this?

Hello Anil,

I need to confirm below two below points related to payment evidence.

  • I have form 16 from my first company, where I used to work in year 2011, however it’s just form 16 part B not part A, as my salary wasn’t taxable, so will that work.
    -Second, I have got bank statement for year 2011 - 2013, that I have got from back on a request but it is on blank paper with bank signature and stamp on it, as it is a closed account so I can not download it from internet banking, will this also work or not.

Thanks a lot in advance, looking forward to hear back from you.

Hi All,

I’m planning to initiate the process for Australian PR and have some queries regarding the same:

  1. Currently, I’m living in India. I had lived in Australia from Dec 2014 - Oct 2016. Will I need
    PCC from Australian authorities for PR?
  2. Can I apply for both 189 and 190 visa at the same time?
  3. Can I apply for state sponsorship(190 visa) from multiple states at the same time?
  4. I have been working in same company since last 9 years. I have worked on assignments in
    India, Australia and Norway locations. I’m going to submit salary slips and form16 as
    payment evidences.
    a. I don’t have form16 for 2 FYs. Is it fine if I submit salary certificates for those 2 years and
    form16 for rest?
    b. Since, I had worked in foreign locations, do I need to submit tax documents(similar to
    form16) for these countries like payg for Australia? I don’t have the tax document for
  5. Can we submit a combination of documents like (salary slips for all years) + (form 16 for
    few years and bank statement for missing ones)?
  6. I can see 2 types of document for work experience:
    a. Sample Work Experience Letter (for Australia PR Assessment) - Australia
    b. Australia Statutory Affidavit Sample - Co Worker Letter -
    . Now, I can’t get a work experience document from company HR on letterhead. I can maybe
    ask my Manager or colleague to sign one for me. In that case, I think document b. is the
    right format, correct? Will ACS accept document b. on company letterhead? If no, then
    what is the alternative? My company will also not give a document on letterhead stating the
    reason for not providing document a.

Thanks in advance!


Yes. PCC is needed from any country where the applicant has lived for more than 12 months.

Yes. You can definitely submit EOI for both 189/190 at the same time. If you receive an invite for any one visa subclass, withdraw the other EOI.

Yes. Its always better to submit separate EOIs for different states/visas.

No idea about the rest of your questions as it relates to ACS assessment.

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Hi, Can we submit Form 26 AS instead of Form 16?

You can submit whatever document you think will prove a financial payment.

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Hi, I don’t have the salary slips in two of my previous employments, they gave me the slips, but I’ve lost the entire file. I spoke to the employers and both of them said, then can print my salary particulars in a company letter for the months I request, sign and certified and give it to me as proof. Will ACS accept it ?

And also the current employers salary is done and excel, printed in a 1/3 of an A4 sheet. Will ACS accept it ?

You can try it if you do not have any other option.

Hi Anil, thanks for your reply.
What about my current employer salary slips which are printed on 1/3 of A4 papers. Will ACS accept them. They are genuine though. Will it be better to get them certified by the HR?

Hi Anil,

Will an email from HR with explanation why they cannot provide reference letter suffice.


Thanks for providing such a detailed information. I had a query regarding the Education verification. I have done B.Tech and PGDM. So do I have to present both qualification degrees and transcripts OR ONLY PGDM documents are enough and will be evaluated basis them.

Please suggest.

Hi Anil,
I have a few questions regarding the docs required for Evidence of Paid employment.

  1. All the payslips from my previous employers are in Japanese language, and in some of them, even the company name is mentioned in Japanese language.
    So while sending the payslips to ACS, will it work if I send a translated version along with the original payslip?
    Similarly my bank statement also has the employer names in Japanese language only, so attaching a translated version of the bank statement would work?

Also, could you please advise from where should I get the docs translated? Because as per ACS Migration Skills Assessment Guidelines (2.5 Translation of Documents), it seems that the docs should be translated by some organization.

  1. Is it required to provide payment evidence from ALL the past employers?
    For one of my past employments (2012-2014), I have a salary record in my bank statement, but I cannot find the payslips or Tax related docs.

Awaiting for your kind advice.

Hi Muhammad,
Have you apply for Skill assessment? and ACS accept “SALARY” only remarked bank statement?

Hey there, I have a question.

I had a positive skills assessment done in 2018, but I didn’t noticed at the time but one of my employment letters included dates to which I worked cash in hand, so there is no way to prove a few months of work. Basically I don’t know what to do in this situation, will only the months I can’t prove not be accounted for? Should I request a new letter from that employer nut now displaying only the dates I have payslips? Should I also send a submission letter explaining the situation for the assessor?