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I have some questions. Please help

  1. Is salary slip for each month of each year required? I have been working in same company for 7 years in different roles. How should I create salary slip?
  2. I passed Bachelor in 2011. Started working in 2012. Joined evening shift Master’s program in 2013 while still working full time (so study and work at the same time). Completed Master’s in 2016 (late thesis). If I include Master’s degree in ACS Skill Assessment process… will my work experience be from 2012 or 2016?
  3. I did not get what actually is this ICT Major and ICT Minor. How can I be sure if I fall under Major/Minor. What does 25% ICT contains actually mean?

Thank you in advance for your help.

ICT major means majority of subjects studied were in computer science.

Payslips or salary slips are required for each year.

ACS does not count education and work experience at same time. They can only count one thing at a time.

Thank you for your response.

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Hi Sir,

Please clarify my queries related to ACS Skill assessment,

I had a positive skill assessment in 2017 and recently it was expired and again I submitted in Nov 2019 but I got a negative outcome mentioning - Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Documentation for all the three companies I worked earlier.
I mailed them about my result and they replied saying as below highlighted in bold,

  1. Your employment at three companies does not have evidence of payment.
    – I can provide all the present and before company payslips and form 16 documents as part of payment evidence. But for the first company, I was paid in cash in which I was not able to submit any payment evidence. In this case, all my first company experience years will not be considered?
    In the 2017 assessment, 6 years deducted (BTECH- EEE) as I fall under ICT Minor.

  2. Furthermore, the statutory declaration uploaded states you were employed until 2017. If you wish to claim employment until 2019, you will need to provide an updated statutory declaration. When a statutory declaration is provided in the event an employer reference cannot be obtained, an explanation will be required as to why an employment reference letter cannot be obtained. The declarant must provide evidence of their employment as well.


– Statutory declaration from the year Oct 2017 to till date (As I had already submitted a statutory declaration document for the present company from July 2011 to Sep 2017 - No need to submit again right?.

  1. An explanation letter from my employer on official company letterhead as to why an employment reference letter cannot be provided.
    If I am not able to get the explanation on the company letterhead, an email from my HR works as evidence?

Please suggest on how to proceed.

Hi @Suresh_Kapisetty

ACS will reject the work experience if you can’t prove it on paper that salary was paid. So, if you can’t prove cash payments, then you are out of luck.

You have to resubmit all reference letters again even for 2011-2017 period as this is a fresh assessment now.

I am not sure if ACS is accepting an email from HR. My suggestion is to get it on company letter head.

Hi Anil,

I have the certificate from company stating that my salary was paid in cash. Addition to that I have to submit one more payment evidence?

Yes, there are two different payment proof are required.

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Hi, I need some sample document (work experience, bank statement), who can send me documents? just for sample.


Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Can you please help me to clarify below concerns:

  1. Will 2 payslips for each working year (Beginning and end of each year) suffice?
  2. Do payslips need to be stamped by the company? as normally payslips do not have company stamp on it.


Vu Le.

Did you read the linked article? It has all the details. There is no need to re-verify the same thing that has already been mentioned on the article.

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I have a question related to Bank statement after changing ACS policies. I have all documents that is required as payment evidence, However, the bank statements is showing only “SALARY” remarks in the salary transactions. Will ACS accept that along with my payslips and other supporting documents like an experience letter from my company?

One more questions, how many salary slip do I need to provide for each year of employment. I have 4.5 years with my current company so do I need to share full 4.5 years of bank statements or specific to the provided salary slips if payslips are required for specific months?

Muhammad Hasan


An explanation will be required from your employer as to why an employment reference letter cannot be provided.

Can you throw some light on above line as per your experience. I only have a email from company reference letter team asking me to change format of letter which wont comply with ACS.

If along with statutory declaration, i also submit my proof of employment from my employer on a company letter head. would that workout?

I suggest to read the article once again as all your questions have been clearly answered.