Documents for ACS skill assessment to prove relationship with co-worker

I am applying for reassessment of skills with ACS.
I got the statuary declaration for my work experience from my senior colleague on stamp paper.
Is there any other documents needed apart from this?

In ACS Guidelines, i saw these two requirements.

The declarant must provide their current contact details and at least one of the following as evidence of their working relationship with the applicant:
• Employment certificate/statement of service on official company letterhead
• Leaving certificate if no longer working at the same company

Is this required from my senior colleague ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, your co-worker’s Employment letter or service certificate is required.

In my previous skill assessment, my work experience was taken till the date the assessment was filed.
Now for reassessment, i have to change the end date of the previous employer, but I am not able to change the end date in the ACS online application form.
So how do i edit the end date ? should I add a new entry for experience for the same company ?

In the affidavit, should we mention the actual hours per week , according to the guide lines ?

Hi @sandy47rao

Actual hours are required only if you worked ‘Part time’. If you worked full time, then your letter needs to have the words ‘full time’ or ‘40 hours per week’.

You can add the current employment work experience with new dates if the old one is not editable.

@Anil.Gupta What document I can put for this?
Can I put a coworker’s Appointment letter, Salary slip or Bonafide of Address Proof of my colleague who is already working in my previous company?

Hi @amitkumar12788

I suggest to get an employment verification letter from co-worker if he is still working with employer.

Salary slips and appointment letter are usually accepted as a proof if the co-worker has also left the organization.

HI @Anil.Gupta

It is hard to ask someone’s salary detail, no one use to share it. so employment verification letter without salary detail, will work?

in case of colleague who left the company, Relieving letter without salary detail is fine ?

I am not sure if letter without salary details will work or not. If you do not have any other option, then go for it.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta ,

I have got the Statutory Declaration for my work experience signed by my colleague. Now, my problem is, HR is not ready to issue any Employment certificate/statement of service on official company letterhead for my colleague.
What document should I put now in support of my Statutory Declaration?


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Hi @mku
I am not sure what other document can be used here. You should contact ACS to know if they cam suggest anything.

Hi Anil,

Does the employment letter should state that the applicant is working under the declarant(Supervisor) or just the employment certificate should be enough?

Hi @Sreekanth_b

I suggest to include the relationship clearly in the letter.

Hi Mr Anil.

I have a question on the same topic. Out of 4 employers one of the company has completely shutdown. I’ve got statutory declaration from the owner herself, but as mentioned above i need to get a leaving certificate.

In middle east employers don’t have such documents or its entirely up to the companies to maintain such document. What is my best option…?

Hi @dkonline

You can get a letter in writing from owner that company has shut down and cannot provide any other letter.

Employer’s letter has to be on official letterhead and then you need 2 different types of financial proofs too.

Hi there - I am currently in the same boat what did you manage to produce for your colleague and did it work?