Does ACS assessment renewal need new work experience letter?

Hi Anil,

My ACS (for 263111) is going to expire in October. So I asked my consultant to renew it. There is no change in my employment and I am still working with the same organization.

As per my consultant, I need to get the updated duty letter from my current employer with present date, otherwise ACS will not accept that.

Is it true ? Why can’t I just provide the current pay slips to prove that? I want to avoid getting letters from my company for obvious reason.

Let me know if this is really required.

Bellow is the response from my consultant.

Hi @Avdhesh

You need a new letter to cover the time period from the last letter’s date to today.

If you don’t get this letter, ACS will not count this time period at all.

Thanks Anil.

I have full points of experience with previous letters so they will consider the same years of experience, right ?

It is fine with me to not include last 2 years of experience as I will not be loosing any points. What I don’t want is to inform my company about my PR process.

Please suggest if there is any negative impact in my application if I don’t get the new letter.

My consultant didn’t inform me about the ACS expiry. It was me who asked them and they replied that it is going to expire in October. Do they get any email notifications about expiry ?

Also, what will happen in October if I get invite by any chance? My ACS will be expired by that time and new ACS will not be ready. What option will I have in that situation?

Hi @Avdhesh

You need an un-expired ACS assessment at the time of filing the visa application (after getting invite).

Also, if you file a new ACS assessment now, they will need the work experience letter for last 2 years as they look at last 10 years starting backwards from today.