Does ACS need payslips in addition to work exp letters?

Thanks @Anil.Gupta for the quick response. do we need to notarize payslips too?

Nobody will notarize payslips and not required either.

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For most companies I only have the last 3 payslips. Would that work for ACS or they strictly need first few and last few?

You can share form 16 or income tax return or bank statements if you do not have all payslips.


Hi, does anyone here submitted ACS assessment recently? My concern is with regards to the payment reference, I have a copy of all my ITR for the past 6 years, but I only have a few payslips copy, like I only have 5 copies of them. Will it be acceptable?

Thank you.

Hi @JadeC

You can submit couple of payslips from start of job and 3 most recent payslip. That should be enough.

I don’t have exactly the the payslips from the start of my job. I started 2013 and only have the following payslips copy: 2017 (whole year), December 2018 and January 2019 up to present. Will that be enough?

Hi @JadeC

I am not sure if ACS will be okay with missing payslips from start of your job. You have to check with ACS.

Hi Anil,
Just got my ACS letter with the below result :
Your work experience has been calculated as follows on the basis of full time employment of at least 20hrs
per week:
Dates: 11/11 - 12/16 - 0 year(s) 0 month(s)
Positon: Senior Systems Engineer - Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Documentaion
Employer: Infosys Limited
Country: Outside Of Australia
Dates: 01/17 - 11/19 - 0 year(s) 0 month(s)
Position: Senior Data Engineer - Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Documentaion
Employer: Baker Hughes
Country: Outside Of Australia

I just attached the company letters with all the roles and responsibilities mentioned as per the job code on company letter head.
After going through your post i realized we do need to attach salary slips, so in my case shall i attach the starting and end salary slips of each organization.
should i also send form 16 for every year.
Should i also send the resume will filing review application
Any specific pointers for doing the review of application.

Hi @kriti_setiya

You have to send payslips for each year - 1 from start of year and one from end of year.

You need to send two sets of financial documents.

once can be payslips and other can be form 16 (TDS document) or bank statements.

Thanks a lot Anil, for such a quick response.

Anil, one more question i was on maternity leave from may 2015 to march 2016 so will not be having salary slips for Dec 2015 and Jan 2016, so how do i show that will filing for review, where do i need to mention that was on maternity leave from this start date to end date

Your Employer can mention it in the Employment letter.

Or if it is not mentioned anywhere, then ACS will automatically not count that time period as you don’t have payslips for it.

Thanks Anil, will send them accordingly as suggested, will get back to you in case of any other doubts.

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Which all documents need to be notarized ?

Hi @prakash_damodaran

Please read details here:

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so, if I have 12 years of experience, i need 2 payslips (beginning and end of the year, January and December) per year from 2 different sources --> 2x2x12 = 48 payslips. is this logic and true?

For initial three years of my work I did not pay any tax as my income was below the tax slabs in India. I only have Form 16 Part B, will that be enough along with payslips ? Also, if I wish to submit Bank statement for what all months statements should be submitted ? I cannot submit complete statement from year 2015 till date as it will be too lengthy.