Does EAD expedite request denial affect Normal processing time?

Hi. Looking at the below chats user MR updated that the L2 EAD extension was approved at the CA service center after 45 days. Do you happen to know by any chance how they determine the priority of the cases- how come some take shorter and some take longer…?
My EAD receipt date is Feb 14th and is still pending status. I did try to get it expedited via my local congressman (financial loss) but the request was denied. Do you know if this might have hampered the process (causing delays in the processing time?)

Your expedite request denial does not affect your EAD’s normal processing time. Don’t worry.

The cases are assigned to USCIS case officers and it is possible that your case officer is currently working on cases assigned to him earlier than your case. That’s the only explanation that i can offer.
USCIS does not share how they process cases publicly.

i tried EAD expedite request they have denied it now i see most applications around my receipt date are getting approved but mine is untouched…
getting worried just because the expedite request got denied will they push the EAD application down the processing queue and take more time …any experiences who got approvals soon after denial of expedite request

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