Does Employer has to wait for filing i140 after PERM approval?

Hi @Anil.Gupta sir,

I have a question regarding my perm, i-140.
So my perm is approved and how soon could the attorney file for i-140 ? Is there any wait time that they need to wait on after approval before filing for i-140 ? If yes then how many days/months ?

And upon I-140 approval do I also get the extension on my h1b visa or that is something that they have to apply for ?

Please help !!

Thank you !

There is no minimum time but there is maximum time of 180 days within which your employer has to apply i140.

part of my approval is only valid for 180 days and if your employer doesn’t apply i-140, the PERM approval will expire.

You have to apply H1B extension separately after i140 approval.

Hi @Anil.Gupta Sir, Thank you for the information.
One more question- can employer apply for I-140 and H1B extension at the same time ?
Also what if the I-140 is getting approved in coming October and H1B is expiring same month ?

Please help me answer to this question !
Thank you !!