Does h4 ead expires if h4 leaves the country?

We have a H4 EAD which is valid till Aug 2024. We have been staying outside of USA for last one year and planning to return to USA before h4 EAD expires. Can we use same H4 EAD to start the new job in USA. We have already got new h4 and will apply for H4EAD extension as soon as we are back to USA.

Thanks in Advance!!

You should be able to use the existing valid H4 EAD as long as your i94 status is also H4.

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Thank you Anil for quick response, We have got H1B Extended till 2027 and got stamping for H4 also. We will get new I94 for H4 at port of entry. Hope that doesn’t effect on existing H4EAD,right?