Does USCIS considers accelerated online MBA as valid master degree

Hi …
I’m currently on H1B visa. Planning to pursue an accelerated online MBA program from one of the US University.
The program is accredited and the university is legit.

My question is does USCIS value a an accelerated master’s degree pursued online.

Will it be even considered as Master in case of H1B extension and GC in future?

Thanks in advance.

US masters degree help you to qualify for applying under the cap-subject US masters degree quota of 20K H1B every year, no other benefits as far as I know.

Because you already have H1B approved under cap-subject and if your employer has already started PERM/GC process under EB2 or EB3 categories or you have the I-140 approved already, you may never endup applying for cap-subject H1B in future.

Online degree may qualify as long as the college is a public or non-profit institution. Unless you plan on doing online degree while being on a valid H1B status, note that it is not allowed on F1 status ( though exceptions were given during teh covid pandemic).