Does your paper I-94 (USCIS) expire when you travel overseas after extension is approved


My wife recently traveled to overseas after she received H4 visa extension approval. Since the travel was due to an emergency she didn’t have enough time to schedule appointment and stamp new visa on passport and had travel on existing visa stamp and i-94. On her way back the CBP officer stamped I-94 with validity of existing H4 visa stamp.

Existing I-94 issued by CBP:
Valid until 9/29/2022

I-94 attached to I-797A (USCIS):
Valid from 9/30/2022 until 9/29/2025


  1. In this scenario which I-94 is considered “most recent” and valid ? The one issued by USCIS or the one issued by CBP?
  2. Does the I-94 attached to I-797A is considered void if my wife traveled overseas and re-entered on her old/existing visa?

One issued by USCIS will supercede the one issued by CBP from its start date.

No, not for extension of status.

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