DOL inquiry on H1B extension filed - GC approved - weird situation

Hi all,

EB-2 straight ( I-485 filed in Nov 2021) .

June 2022 we filed H1B extension (EVC contractor) . In meanwhile GC approved August 2022 and I am still with same employer

Now there is a DOL inquiry to verify the information on H1B extension petition. Since we don’t have H1B receipt notice can’t withdraw the H1B petition or anything.

Do we have to respond to DOL query ? Will this jeopardize my received Green Card or once you get it nothing to worry about ? What to do


Why did not you get the H1B receipt when you filed it in June 2022?

Well I have no idea why I haven’t received a receipt notice.

But the question is what to do with the DOL inquiry ?

You can have your employer’s immigration lawyer reply to DOL with copy of GC and that your employer don’t intend to pursue H1B extension anymore. The lawyer can also send a withdrawal letter to USCIS however USCIS will automatically deny the extension ( when they start processing and adjudicate) as your GC is already approved.

It’s a Department of State (DOS) inquiry. Employer replied to inquiry saying I got GC

Hopefully there is no issue to my Green Card

Why would DOS inquiry an H1B petition ?

I dont think there will be any issue.