Doubt filling DS 160 for H1B. My status change from F1 to H1B

I am in the USA right now. I am filling out DS 160 as I am visiting India, so I must get an H1B visa stamped. I have doubts about filling out DS 160 below.

  1. When I was on F1. I came to the USA on 19 Jan 2021 and left on 29 June 2021. Then came again on 29 July till date. So, do I have to enter 2 entries for this?

  2. I have previously been on F1 which I applied for in the same city and country. Is the below correct for applying in the same country or city? And I was given a fingerprint of all fingers.

  3. Address and Phone Information should be of Indian address and phone number. Email addresses should be personal or professional?

  4. Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip → Self or Employer? - I am paying for my trip, so I am selecting SELF. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance.

1 & 2 seems correct, for 3 any active email is fine, 4 seems correct.

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