Doubts - Indian Passport Renewal in USA


My passport expires in Aug 2022. I have applied for passport renewal on the govt website and registered on vfsglobal too. I have received a courier label from me to VFS Houston. There is a date on it that says 15 Apr. I have a few doubts.

  1. I will need my passport in mid-May. Can I send my documents in June? Is there a deadline until when I need to submit the documents after generating the courier label? What can I do if I cannot send the documents before the deadline?

  2. If I do send my documents now, I suppose there will be a Police verification. However my parents(whom I have mentioned in govt application form) wont be available from end of April, until end of May. Can I get my passport if the verification is still pending?

I would really appreciate responses from experts or someone who has gone through the same. I need your help.

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You can ask someone else to visit the Police Station with your documents, when you receive an email about PV. I am not aware of deadline but I wouldn’t suggest holding on to application and docs for months post generation of label. Reach out to VFS for deadline.

For 2nd Q: