Drivers licensw details in ds 160

Hi all ,

Please address this quesntion. I filled out my ds 160 form paid the fees and scheduled a dropbox appontment in june 2023. However i just noticed that in the ds 160 form there is a question saying do you or did u ever hold a u.s drivers license.

The scnenario is
I had Maryland DL from 2019 till 2020 .
Then we moved to Missourie and got it transfered and it got expired.
Then we moved to Ohio in 2020 oct and I took only learners permit . Did not give the driving test.

My question is should i specify all the three DL details in ds 160?
Also can i update my ds 160 now after scheduling dropbox appointment? If yes what has to be done and how do i attach both ds 160 for the dropbox appintment.? Im worried :frowning:
Note. My ds 160 is still within the 30 days window.

You can create a new DS160 and submit it at dropbox or take it with you at interview.

Take both old and new DS160.

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thank you so much . One more question can the intended date of arrival at US in ds 160 be past date of the actual visa appointment date? Example i filled ds 160 thinking i will get slot in may and gave intended date of arrival as jun 1st . But the visa appointment date i got was on jun 9th which is a date after my intended date of arrival . Will this be a problem?