Dropbox Eligibility for Children (Under 14) in India

I (H1B) and my spouse (H4) are both eligible for Dropbox (In-Person Interview Waiver) as we had a valid visa till the end of 2020. However, my daughter is 8 months old and this is the first time she would be applying for an H4 visa. So, is it possible to get Dropbox eligibility for my daughter if we schedule the dropbox appointment together?

Every person should pass the dropbox eligibility test individually.

If your child is not eligible, then they have to appear for interview as per my information.

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Hello, @dbkamal @anil_am22 I am in a similar situation where my wife and I are eligible for dropbox and my 6 year old child is not. However, I have paid the fee for 3 of us already, and have a single receipt number.

Can I use the same receipt number for 2 dropbox appointments + 1 child interview appointment?

you can connect with the team from the CGI portal and ask if they would allow you to split it now. I have two receipt number one to cover me and my spouse and another is for my child

Although the system says all individuals must meet eligibility, but I had a similar situation with my kid who was born after last visa/petition expiry. The system would take your thru a series of questions which are for primary applicant only to determine eligibility. There is no separate questionnaire for dependents.
I had dropbox appointment for the entire family earlier this month. It worked just fine for me.

i am in similar situation, myself , spouse and daughter had visa stamped, But my son was born after our last visa expiry, can i add him along with our dropox appointment

Hi Singh98, can I contact you? It’s urgent and the same situation for me.

Hi Siva, did you find the answer? I am in same situation? Can I contact you?