Dropbox eligibility for H1b Consular Notification

Due to a few reasons, my wife’s H1b extension is being applied via. Consular processing. She is planning to book a Visa slot in India. But since she has been on H1 and also got stamped 2 years ago, once we fill questionnaire it shows we are eligible for Dropbox. Does anyone know her chances of approval via Dropbox (without 221g and in-person interview) since she is traveling with a newborn who would be due for his vaccination in a few months and I cannot leave as my H1 is under processing?

Chances of approval is in hands of Visa officer be it Dropbox or interview . There is nothing to worry if you have a valid job in US. Make sure to have below docs handy.
Approved 797
Client letter
Recent paystubs
Employee verification letter (optional).

Cases are getting approved. Few cases are receiving 221g but they are also getting approved provided proper documentation.