Dropbox eligibility for spouse after visa denial in the past ( not latest )

Hello Experts,

I have two questions regarding dropbox eligibility for myself and my spouse

  1. myself - I have received “clearance received” annotation on one of my previous visa stamped 8 yrs back and not the latest one. Am I still eligible for dropbox for H1 visa extension?

  2. my spouse - H-4 visa was denied in the past and it resulted eventually in issuance of visa ( which is the latest stamp) …is the person still eligible for dropbox?

I saw this on the website - There were no US visa refusals in any other visa class, since your recent visa issuance… but i am confused here.

Please confirm.

Thank you

Each country has its own dropbox rules.

Hi Anil, I wanted to know about India specifically


whenever you have a chance, please reply


Did you try the dropbox app? It has all the rules to tell your eligibility if you enter correct data.

Hi Anil, I tried the app, but i think on the last step, it is not displaying the result. Could you fix it?


Can you please share a screenshot of the last step that you are seeing?

We will check and respond.

Please check the screenshot attached

Hi @Mark_Nax

You should be eligible for dropbox in India as per your situation: