Dropbox Eligibility


My H1B Petition has been approved and I am planning to visit India. My wife and new born kids are already in India. I am planning to go for H1B stamping along with my wife and kids(twins).

It will be 1st time h4 Stamping for my kids but my wife has active H4 stamped.

I understand me and wife qualifies for Dropbox. May I schedule Dropbox appointments for my kids as well(though it will be their 1st H4 stamping) or I may not be eligible for interview waver ?

Appreciate your all feedbacks.

If any one person in the group is ineligible for dropbox, then everyone has to appear for interview.

Are kids(1 year old) not eligible for dropbox if they are getting US stamping for 1st time? Me & my wife are eligible for Dropbox.

Please use the dropbox app to find if they are eligible or not.

You did not mention the kids age in earlier message.