Dropbox H4: Delivery fee need to pay 2nd time


I had drop box option for my h4 stamping but through BlueDart courier I received my passport along with a 221g letter saying need to attend personally for Fingerprint.

My question is - how am I going to receive my passport again? Is that through courier or have to collect personally? How can pay second time courier fee to receive passport?

Please respond asap.


Once your visa is approved, Blue Dart will deliver your passport to the pickup location you specified when you scheduled your appointment.

If you opt for pick-up, then you will have to do it in person (or, through your representative). You will have to pay again (payable at the time of delivery/pick-up - for each applicant Rs. 650) for the service, unless you pick-up from VAC locations at embassy/consulates in India.

Ahh, you mean the passport will be delivered by courier even if it is second time. Only thing is, I have to pay the amount at the time of delivery not online.

Thanks for confirming.