DropBox: Reqd Doc: Lost Older Passport

We have an upcoming dropbox appointment (h1 and h4).

I was going through the required documents checklist and noticed that one of the
required doc is “Old passport with most recent U.S. visa (if not in
currently valid passport)”
However my dependent had lost( in JAN 2021) her older
passport with an expired ( on July 2020 ) H4 VISA, her latest passport
doesn’t have any US visa.

We had filed a police complaint and later applied and received a new
passport from the Indian consulate, Washington DC.
I sent an email to the USTRAVELDOC support but getting a generic response with a link of required doc. checklist.

Has anybody had similar situation ?

I need to know what alternative supporting document we need to provide during the dropbox appointment or carrying just the latest passport with the previously filed police complaint is sufficient.

Please advise.

If you have a scanned copy of old passport, you can submit that along with the police complain.


Thanks Kalpesh, appreciate your response.

Y’day we attended dropbox appointment at New Delhi VFS location.
The officer took all the required docs. for me (H1) but refused to collect any doc for my spouse (H4) stating since she doesn’t have her prev. passport she’s not eligible for the dropbox appointment.

However I had previous email communication with them wherein i had explained her situation and provided them with all the supporting docs.(photocopies of all the pages of her lost passport along with most recent (expired) H4 visa and Police complaint copy) and they had also mentioned that if you have lost you passport submit Police FIR copy along with other docs.

Unfortunately during our appointment they refused to accept the FIR copy and asked her to go for the consular processing.

Consular appointment doesnt seem to be available until the end of this year.

Please advise.