Dropbox Stamping - Submission on someone's else behalf

Respected Experts,

I need your help and appreciate your response on this matter please:

I have an H1 & H4 Visa Stamping Dropbox appointment confirmed in New Delhi for 5th-Jan-2022.
I will be flying from the US (direct flight) and arriving in Delhi on 30-Dec-2021.
I am fully vaccinated (Pizer) including booster.

Although, there is No New Covid guideline for countries not “at-risk” (which is where I am travelling from - USA) would like to know:

  1. Are there any quarantine rules for passengers coming directly from the USA?
    USA not in list of countries at-risk - https://www.newdelhiairport.in/pdf/Countries-at-risk-30.11.21.pdf

  2. As per current travel plans - 5-Jan-2022 will be my 7th day after Port of Arrival (arriving Delhi on 30-Dec-2021). Will I be allowed to visit the Dropbox center for the Visa Stamping process on my 7th day after Port of Entry; assuming 7 day quarantine is imposed?

  3. Can someone else submit the required documents on my behalf and complete the Dropbox process? Can you please let me know the process - any authorization letter to be provided, etc.

Getting a Visa Dropbox appointment is itself a difficult process and with this new quarantine rule I do not want to miss the stamping date.

Looking forward to your advice and help here!

Thank You.

Based on the very fluid situation, you will need to keep checking at the link you posted so see if there are any changes in future.

You can assign someone else on behalf of you to submit the documents if you are not allowed or unable to go in person.

Just have the person carry his/her ID proof.

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Thanks for your response. @Kalpesh_Dalwadi
Is there any weblink you can route me to; I couldn’t read this in any of the FAQ sheets.

Do you yourself or know someone who has submitted the documents on someone’s behalf.

Thank you again for taking out time in responding to questions. Appreciate much! Thanks Again!


Q.10 Can someone else – a friend or a travel agent – drop off my passport for me?

Yes. You can designate a person to drop off your interview waiver submission on your behalf. Be sure to provide them with all the necessary materials for your application. Your submission letter has a checklist.

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I have a similar situation for appointment on 24th Jan? that will be my Day 2 in India
Could you share your experience on if you used someone to submit documents? or you only dropped off?
how about the fingerprints? does Consulate take it every single time for all the applicants?

@careerrun Can you please post your experience, did you go via a representative to drop your application? If so how did it go and any advice for people in the same boat?

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