DS-160 access for details changing

When initially created DS-160 / B2 Visa, for my daughter (above age 21), the US contacts were made as my employer as our visa was not received, now we are in US and due to long delay my daughter has got her visa appointment only in november 2022. since we are here now in US (both the parents are here), should we change my daughter’s US contact details and staying details in DS 160? in CGI Federal website for scheduling appointment, there is no way to view or edit DS 160 details… incase if we don’t have to make any changes, what are the supporting documents we should arrange it for our daughter? can you advise us plz?

The only way is to fill a new DS160 and take it to the appointment/dropbox.

This is normal and acceptable. No need to worry. No need to change appointment either.

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Meaning do I need to apply for a new DS-160? What are the documents I need to carry for the interview?