Ds 160 application submitted with old passport information but visa fee valid

Hello, I submitted my DS160 with my old Indian passport and was unable to get my F1 visa in time. Presently, I am reapplying for an F1 visa with a renewed Indian passport. I was unable to make any changes to the old DS160 application. My visa fee is still valid. What should I do?

If visa fee is still valid, go ahead and fill a new DS-160 with all updated information. You can update that DS-160 number even if you have already scheduled your interview/dropbox appointment and generate new appointment confirmation letter.

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I don’t need an interview. I only need to mail documents. So, what should I do? Submit old ds160 and visa with new ds160 and renewed passport.

You mean dropbox? Submit new DS160> update that in your profile> take new print of your appointment with latest DS-160.

If unable to do what’s mentioned above> carry both old and new DS160 to your Dropbox appointment. They will update it for you.

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