DS-160: H4 to H1B - are you applying for the same visa type?

Hi Anil, My wife entered in US with H4 visa. Later she has got H1B extension approval and started working and planning to travelling to India.

She has to get H1B visa stamping.

The questions is, in DS-160, for the question, “are you applying for the same visa type?” what should be the answer? Yes or No.

Latest visa stamping in the passport is H4, need to get H1b stamp, current i-94 status is H1B, now she is in US?

H1B and H4 are considered different type of visa as per current guidance.

So, you should answer ‘No’ if she is going for H1B visa stamping.

Thanks for the quick reply, as usual :slight_smile:

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Some thing similar…
I was on H1 and now going for H4 stamping in Tijuana, MX

Are they both considered same case types and hence eligible to go stamping in a non-home country, but should be considered different visa types to answer this particular question in “previous US travel” section of the DS160. Am I right?

Hi @venkat5121

Mexico allows H1B to H4 COS visa stamping at this time.

Thank you Anil, this is the document I am following for my case.

only thing I wanted to confirm is if my understanding is correct or not:

Mexico allows H1B to H4 COS visa stamping because both are considered ‘H’ category visas

But for the question in DS160 form is slightly different and H1 & H4 are considered different visa types

I don’t understand your question clearly. Can you elaborate?

I guess i am confusing or overthinking.
H1 and H4 are two different visa types of same H visa category.

we answer ds160 question NO because the question is about types.
we go mexico for stamping because they consider if it is of same category

my question is if the above understanding is correct or not.

They are considered same category.