DS-160 is filled without H4-EAD receipt filled in

Hi Anil, this is weird question . Before stamping , after fingerprint in India , DS-160 had a change of adding H4-EAD receipt #. now to go for stamping , should we update H4-EAD in DS-160 and take them to interview or we can still use the old DS-160 which does not have h4-ead # added ? I hope this question is clear.

Let me explain in points .

  1. DS-160 is filled without H4-EAD # filled in .
  2. Booked both appointment & my spouse finger print is completed in Chennai - India .
  3. We have H4-EAD # avaiable.
  4. should we fill new DS-160 form and add H4-ead receipt # and take them for stamping interview ?
  5. or we can still use the same DS-160 without H4-ead # ?

Assuming, you are talking about H4 visa stamping, you need to fill the H1B receipt number in DS160 and not the H4 EAD.

I don’t think there is any need to edit the DS160 at this time.

Yes Anil. I am talking about H4 stamping. But there is one question asked from DS-160 like shown below ,

Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? Yes or No .

  1. What does this mean while filling DS-160 for H4 dependent ?

There is another question for filling H1B application receipt # which is fine for me. I got that.


You should answer ‘No’ if your i140 has not never been filed.

For H4 dependents, answer should be ‘No’ as i140 is only filed for primary H1B and not H4s.

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I agree with you. However I am not convinced .

Because , since this is H4 DS-160 , the question is related to H4. means is there any petition filed on their behalf ? this means H4 can have petitions right like H4-EAD. and H4-EAD is filed with USCIS right ?

or H4-EAD is not at all petition and it does not relate to this question ?

Anyhow I will follow you and trust you…

The question is asking about “Immigrant petition”.

H4 EAD is not an immigrant petition.

wooooo… ooops , thank you so much . That cleared my clarification …

Hi Anil, my situation is as below:

  1. I am applying for H4 visa stamping (Dropbox)
  2. Spouse has i-140 approved
  3. I have expired H4-EAD card

What should I answer in DS-160 for below questions:

  1. Has anyone ever filed immigration petition on your behalf with USCIS? Reconfirming with my situation.
  2. Should I update SSN and ITIN issued for H4-EAD?
    Thanks in advance.