DS-160 Name Issue


This is for the B1/B2 visa renewal. My father’s first name on his passport is “XX YY,” but in DS-160, we filled it in as XXYY. We have already submitted the documents. The problem is with his previous passport, his name is spelled as “XXYY,” so the old visa states it as “XXYY.” In his new passport, the name is “XX YY,” which we never paid attention to it. His old visa is still valid up to July 2023.

Your help is much appreciated.

@am22help @AM22Tech_Admin Can I get some help on this one?

I don’t see any issue. In case they ask, you can explain that you opted for name correction in the passport.

Thanks Anil for the reply, do we need to fill DS-550 form for name correction? Also, his flight tickets are booked as ‘XXYY’