DS-160 question -"where do you intend to work"


I am employed full time permanent, directly with my employer. I have 2 work locations mentioned on my LCA with H1B amendment. 1) location of my employer 2) location of my previous home address.

Now I moved to another location in the same state and my new home address is in the same MSA of the old home address. My attorney said that I do not need H1B amendment as I stay in the same MSA of my old home address which is on LCA.

I am planning to go for visa stamping. What is the “intended work location” I need to mention on DS160? I have 3 options and there is only one address that I can mention on DS160.

Option 1 - I can mention my new home address is the place I am going to work from. This new home address is in the same MSA of my old home address and my old home address is already on the LCA but new home address is not. My attorney is saying that I can work from any address within 50 miles of the addresses on the LCA, provided LCA is posted at the new worksite for 10 days.

Option 2 - I can mention old home address as that is on my LCA but I don’t go there for work anymore as I don’t live there.

Option 3 - location of my employer which is on my LCA but it is in the different MSA than my new home address and 62 miles away from my new home address even though I can commute if required. But I am not sure about the criteria to stay within 50 miles from employer location can be considered as a standard and more than that is not allowed? Pre-pandemic, I have seen people driving from more than 50 miles from home to office and they have stamped visa without any issue because intended work location is mentioned as employer address.

Which option should I use to fill DS160 “intend to work location” so that there won’t be any visa issues during dropbox.

This question should be directed to your immigration lawyer. If I were you, I would chose employer location in the LCA.

Thank you for the response. My immigration lawyer is asking me to use option 1 i.e. use current home address which is within 50 miles from my old home address and having old home address on LCA covers that.

Ok, then you should go with your lawyer’s advice.

I’m in the same boat; which option did you end up choosing? Were there any hiccups in your visa stamping?

Hi Sujsik,

If possible, can you please reply to my previously asked question?