DS-160: Work/Education/Training - H4 visa query


Under the Work/Education/Training page on DS-160, are the education details of an H4 visa holder mandatory? Is it ok to mark ‘No’?

Previously, they were marked ‘No’ as H4 visa holder did not have an EAD.
It’s a bit confusing since this time there is an EAD and some employment history. In that case, should education details be mentioned?


Education details should have been mentioned every time irrespective of EAD or no EAD.
Not sure why you omitted it earlier.

@anil_am22 thank you for the prompt reponse…

Education documents were never asked for while filing H4 or for an extension. There is nothing much said about this but a few forums mention that it is up to the applicant’s discretion to omit or fill up as it’s not mandatory.

What would be the best foot forward in this case?

Hi, I have a query on H4 visas. Recently, I have submitted for H1B amendment, and it is not approved yet. In DS 160 form, for my dependents should I give Original Petitioner Number or new petition number (amendment which is not approved yet)? Please advise as to submit DS 160 where interview was scheduled on 23rd. Thanks inadvance for quick response.