DS 5535 from Delhi Consulate

Hi All,
I had my dropbox appointment on 12th April 2022. When I received my passport from Blue dart both me and my wife’s passport were returned without stamping and received a white slip 221g and as per slip they asked me to appear for an interview at any working day before 10:00 AM. I appeared for interview on 28th April 2022. VO asked some general questions and said every thing is OK but cannot process my visa at this time as need some time. VO asked me to go to different window and they will explain me further. I went to the window, there a person handed me a paper and said you will receive an email from advanceprocessing@state.gov and will receive a DS 5535 form that you need to fill and send it back to same email ID and after you send it will take 4-6 weeks to process.
When I returned back to my home from Delhi and checked my email. I received the email from advanceprocessing@state.gov with DS 5535 form attached in word document. But when I am trying to save that form in my local desktop/machine it is asking for username/password for department of state. Also when I am clicking on the attachment(form) it is taking me to department for state website and asking me to login with either PIV card or username/password. I am not sure what username/password I need to use. They did not mention any thing in the email that they sent.
I am stuck and not able to provide them the response as I do not have the DS 5535 form. I multiple enquires in helpdesk number and also emailed to support-india@ustraveldocs.com but they are just sending me the generic reply.

Could someone please guide me what I need to do in this case. I am stuck with DS 5535 form. Please help.

If the form is attached to the email, you should be able to download it and save it on your local machine.

Then, if it is in MS word format, you may need licensed software to open and edit it.

You can try uploading this form to google drive and then edit it. Google drive word editing is free.

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