DS 5535 question relating to passport held other than passport listed on visa application

I recently received DS5535 form from New Delhi embassy after interview.please provide correct interpretation of one of the questions reproduced below:
“Have you ever held a passport other than the passport listed in your visa application? If yes, provide the following information:
Country of issuance and Passport number.”
Please clarify whether above question relates to passports, if any , issued by countries other than the present passport issuing country which is India in my case.I have never held passport issued by any other country.Therefore should my reply to the above question should be “NO”.

The answer should be ‘No’ if you never held any other country’s passport in the past.

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Many thanks @anil_am22 for posting clarification.

BTW do you know any similar case where Advance Processing section at the embassy has accepted answer “NO” based on your interpretation.