DS160 correction after scheduling appointment

Hi, I have filled the DS160 application and scheduled the appointment for May 2024 with the previous petition number. Now the new H1 extention petition is inprogress.
Can I update the DS160 with new petition number before the appointment? I heard the new rule is not allowing to correct the DS160 after Nov15th. Anyone have experienced recently to correct DS160 on appointment day? Thanks.

Per the announcement, if an individual scheduled an appointment on or after November 15, 2023, and then made a correction to the DS-160, the applicant is required to bring both the original DS-160 confirmation page used to schedule the appointment and the corrected DS-160 confirmation page to the visa application center or document drop-off location on the day of the appointment. If the applicant cannot bring the original DS-160 confirmation page and corrected DS-160 confirmation page, the individual must cancel the appointment and reschedule. For appointments scheduled prior to November 15th, if a correction to the DS-160 was made, that individual is only required to bring the corrected DS-160.

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Thanks for clarifying the information.