DS160 form H4 Kid :queries

I have started the ds 160 for my kid. He is in the USA and got an extension approved. I have the below queries for filling Kids ds 160. Requesting you to kindly help me on an urgent basis as we got a stamping appointment on 28-Aug-2023

  1. Which petition number do I need to enter in Travel Information section as I selected Child H4
    Do I need to enter Child Extention Approval Notice Number or Principal Applicant Petition Number?

  2. Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip? I am currently in the USA. The kid is traveling with his mother. If I mentioned my name, do I need to provide my US address because I am in the USA and provided the mailing address as Indian address.

  3. Contact Person or Organization in the United States–> I have provided my name as I am currently in USA and for organization name I have provided my company/employer name

  4. Family Information Section:
    a)Is your father in the U.S.? YES (Because I am in the USA)
    b)Mother’s Full Name and Date of Birth → I have provided the mother’s name
    c) Is your mother in the U.S.? NO (because she is also traveling to India and coming back with kids) Mother is also on H1b (and currently working in the USA). Please assist on this
    d) Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents, in the United States? → What can I provide here as my younger kid(2 yr old) is US-born (At the stamping time he is also in India with my wife and elder kid)

  5. Personal Info:
    a) What do we have to fill National Identification Number?
    b) U.S. Taxpayer ID Number?

Kindly assist with the above queries earliest.

Please assist on priority

Kindly assist on above queries

All the details should be your child’s information.

For the specific information where they ask for sponsorship, you can mention your own details and address.

Petition number can be H1B’s i797C receipt number.

Thank you sir for response.

As I am in USA and still do I need to provide principal i797 approval receipt number? If I am in USA do I need to share original i797 copy with dependent or he needs to carry his extension approval receipt number? Please confirm

H4 visa is given based on H1B i797C and not H4.

A color copy should work too.

Thank you so much for your input