DS160 incorrect on visa appointment confirmation page


On my visa appointment confirmation page, I have a DS160 number but I am unable to retrieve it. It is surely due to a mistake which was made in inputting the DS160 number while taking the visa appointment.

I have a new DS160 but I am not sure how can i update it to reflect it on the confirmation appointment.
Is there a way or a page or a process to update this information?
Can we take the new DS160 to the consular appointment or during fingerprinting and ask them to update??? Will it result into any denial ?
Can you please guide me on the same?

I think you should be fine. You can take the new DS 160 and ask them to update it. i was asked to create a new DS 160 on the appointment date due to an error and they allowed me to come back and finish the biometric on that day itself.

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Thanks Praveen, but in your case, you still had a DS160 completed & submitted that was reflected on your visa appointment confirmation, right?

In my case, the DS160 number attached to the visa confirmation page seems to have been expired. I have not submitted that and now I am not able to retrieve it. So now I created new DS-160 which I was planning to take along with me, but it won’t match in the first place.

So my question is that is it still okay to carry the new DS160 with me and update it even if it doesn’t match with the visa appointment confirmation page?

Thanks in advance for your reply

@praveen_M_K - Would appreciate your response on this!

I am sorry I don’t have a proper answer to this specific situation. I thought you had submitted the first one. Did you try calling VFS support and ask?

Yes, but we didn’t get any clear answer from them.

According to them if the appointment was booked after Nov 15, 2023, they need the old DS160 confirmation page and bring the new one. But we don’t have one in the first place and they didn’t answer that question and dropped the call.

We also created a case on their portal but its the same response

I see the following in confirmation email. So they need confirmation from original DS 160.

If you do not appear with both confirmation pages, you will be required to reschedule your appointment.