EAD and AP approved but Eb2->Eb3 downgraded I-140 still pending,Can i change the job

I filed EB2 to EB3 downgrade and I485 on nov 2020.
Nov 2021 I got EAD/AP but still 140 pending ,my current company is not ready to file in PP. Due to personal reason I will back to india in next 2-3 years for good permanently .So not much worry about GC.

  1. Can I transfer my H1b based on my approved EB2 140, do I need to tell new company about my EB3 downgrade and pending 140 while transferring the H1b.

2)If I transferred my H1b to new company based on EB2 140 then what will happen with my pending EB3 140 and Approved EAD.

You should be able to transfer H1B using approved EB2 i140.

Your pending EB3 i140 may be denied or will be withdrawn by your old employer if you leave them.

Thanks for reply .
Does it create any RFE for H1b transfer as EB3 I140 will pending.