EAD Processing Time - H4, L2, I-485 Questions & Answers

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The above linked page tracks H4 EAD, L2 EAD, i485 EAD, F1, OPT and other EAD processing times and is updated every 3 hours. Please check estimates on that page.

You can ask your questions here on this page below.

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Hi Anil,
We filed for H1+H4+H4 EAD on 10/21/2019 in premium processing at vermont centre
H1 got approved on 10/27/2019
I-765 receive date 10/23/2019
Biometric on 11/13/2019
Its been 90 days that i don’t see any change in the case status
My current EAD expires on 01/23/2020
I am losing my job today
Do u have any idea as to how long is the processing times for Vermont centres .
And is there any option i can expedite this

Hi @Psnbk

Please check current H4 EAD processing time here.

You can try filing EAD expedite request.

My wife applied for an extension of H1B, H4 and H4 EAD together. Her H1B got approved on December 17th and my H4 and H4 EAD is still not approved. The status on the USCIS says “Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken”.
H4 EAD application received date is October 15th, 2019 and the notice date is October 17, 2019.
The application was done at California Service Center.

According to the current trends, when can I expect the H4 and H4 EAD to be approved?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Shivam_Mishra

I am sorry but i have stopped giving case by case estimates due to lack of time.

Hi Anil,
We submitted our H1B + H4 EAD renewal under premium processing on Jan 14th to USCIS California Service Center. Documents received by USCIS on Jan 15th. H1B receipt came on Jan 17th. Did not receive a receipt for H4 EAD yet. H1B got approved on Jan 29th.

H4 EAD - have not got the receipt yet, nor biometrics letter. I’m concerned. Any advice on this would be appreciated.
My H4 EAD expiry date is June 2020.


Hi @Uma_Lakshmanan

There is no need to worry as H4 EAD receipt can take up-to 30 days to arrive. Stay calm and you will get it soon.

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This is regarding family based immigration as the f3 category opened up in Nov 2019 and filed for I 485 filed on december 6th , 2019 and we did our biometric on January 28th ,2020. In how much time, can i received the combo card as we have applied for both from our attorney…


Hello Anil,

I have a question about renewing EAD and hope you can help me.

My L2 visa is expiring in Aug, 2020, and my EAD was expired last December. I filed a renewal for my EAD last Aug and it finally got approved few days ago, but it is only valid until Aug 2020.

My husband company is working on renewing his L1 visa, but I think we are still at the early stage of the renewal process. I don’t have any documents to show that I am in process of the visa renewal. Can I still apply for EAD renewal now? Or I need to wait until the L1 visa is successfully renewed?

Thank you.

I have applied H1-Ext, H4 and H4-EAD in 2019 August from my employer.
My H1 got approved in one month and my wife also gave her bio metrics.
Then we visited India and got my H1 ext and H4 stamping and came to United stated on Jan 29th 2020.
Her H4-EAD is still pending as of today. What should I do to get my wife h4 EAD ? Please suggest.

Hi @Srikanth_P

Is your EAD application date outside normal processing hours? If yes, then you can raise a service request to ask for status.

How do I know my normal processing hours ? and how can I raise a service request?

Hello. I applied for my L2 EAD on November 06 2016. Receipt number WACXXXXX0267. When should I expect to receive my card?
Thank you!!

Hi Anil,
How do I know my case is in normal processing time and How can I raise a service?
H4 and H4-ead case received date is August 1st 2019.

Thanks in advance !!

Hi @Srikanth_P

Check normal processing time here on USCIS website.

Hi Anil,

My L2 COS+EAD was filed on 21st Oct’19. Still waiting for approval, when do you see this can get approved. Processing time for california is pushed by 1 month and new is 5-7 mth. Also will EAD get approved with L2 or it can get approve before and later(Any idea how long if later)?


Hi @Vineet_Singh

I have stopped giving individual case processing estimates due to lack of time. Sorry.

Usually, both L2 and L2 EAd get approved at same time but is not guaranteed.