EAD processing time - J-2 visa holder

Hello Anil,

I hold a J-2 visa and applied for my EAD. The case was received on 12th April 2019.

How long should I expect it to take roughly to arrive?

I appreciate many people have been waiting longer than me but I wonder if my case is quicker because I am on J-2 visa and not another type.

My processing center is Potomac. My case received number is YSC1990271431

Thank you in advance.

You should be able to get your J2 EAD approved by July 2019 last week.

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I applied at the end of January 2019. My received date is 01/29.

I have a J-2 visa and i filled the case at Potomac center

I received a request On May 3rd, and they udapted my case to " we received your response to the RFE on may 14

Since, nothing , i’m starting to feel depressed

I hope you will get your soon !

Hi @Marlene-g

There is no need to feel depressed. Your case is within normal processing time.

My estimation says that you will get your J2 EAD approval by July 2019 third week end.

@Anil.Gupta Thank you for your answer,

How can you know ?
What are your estimate based on?

Hi @Marlene-g

Check EAD processing times here:

Hello - so if Marlene is 1/29 received date and EAD is expected end of July, does that mean I should expect a similar time frame (~6 months)?

Or is there a delay for her because of the RFE received in May?

Thank you very much for your advice.


Hi @Edmond_Wood
Cases get delayed due to RFE by at-least 20-60 days based on how soon you respond to RFE.

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Helo Anil,

Following the case details I have given previously (YSC1990271431 - Potomac Center).

i765 form filed (J-2 visa) with USCIS received date 4/12/19

RFE received today, 8/14.

I will respond immediately to the RFE but I have a concern due to my J-2 visa and DS2019 expiry date being 10/29. I have seen on your other posts that the visa should have 6-months left before expiry date but I do not see how I can make that happen. My wife (J-1) employer is producing the new DS2019 around now but won’t be ready for some weeks. I then use that to get a new J-2 annual visa but will I need that for renewal of EAD?!

I do not want to respond with the requested evidence, only to get another saying the J-2 visa is near to expiry.

Additionally, suppose I respond to the RFE and it is approved. My category J-2 ©(5) is not eligible for automatic renewal of EAD and renewal processing times can be ~90 days? Therefore I need to apply to renew my EAD immediately when receiving it. I cannot realistically expect an employer to allow me to start working with the expectation that I will have to stop working after expiry date (10/29) and wait for renewal.

I hope I have explained it well and I look forward to any suggestions you can make. I am very confused what to do!

Thank you - Edmond

Hi @Edmond_Wood

You have mis-understood the 6 months rule that i may have mentioned on some other posts.

What has been requested in RFE?

Hi Anil,

They have asked for a signed statement from me stating that my employment earnings are not required to support the J1 (my wife).

I think my message was a bit confusing! Apologies!

What do you think?


Hi @Edmond_Wood

You should be able to get approval.

So you mean just carry on with response to RFE and see what happens

Thank you


Anil - just to clarify my original concerns and get your thoughts:

If my EAD is approved, it will be valid until the date that my visa/DS2019 expires - 10/29/19

i.e. it is very possible that my EAD will be valid for only a VERY short period of time. As soon as I receive it, I will need to apply for renewal and I will go back into the system for processing…

Do you agree this is the likely sequence of events?

If so, is there anything I can do to get the first EAD valid for longer? For example, sending my new DS2019 to USCIS when I receive it in next few weeks?? But this will confuse things I think and they don’t accept more than one response to RFE - correct?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Edmond_Wood

The scenario you have mentioned is the most likely scenario.

I do not know of a way to send extra documents to attach to your pending application at this time.

Hello Marlene - what was the final waiting time for you? If you have received your EAD, what was the date?

Thank you!

Hello @Edmond_Wood, my ead was approved on June 25, and i received the ead by mail on June 29. So I received the RFE on April 30th and they received it on May 14th. And i Asked for the EAD on January 29, so 5 months to get it.

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Thank you very much for the update.

I received my EAD but I need to apply for renewal straight away of my J-2 EAD. I have my new DS-2019 for the upcoming year but I will not have my new visa for another 2 months.

Do I have to submit a new visa or is it sufficient to submit a new DS2019 only with my EAD renewal application?

Hi @Edmond_Wood

I suggest to send the new visa copy too with renewal application.