EB1C green card question

Hi Anil,
I was in US for 3 years on H1B and during that time mine I-140 was also approved, before leaving the US I got extension for 3 years which will be expiring in 2024. Currently, I am outside of US, working as a manager with same employer and hoping that my epmployer will file L1A after a year so I could be eligible for EB1C category.

I have below two questions:

  1. Should I opt for fresh application for L1A or file amendment for existing H1B due to change in role and desigantion? which one is the appropiate way?

  2. Currenlty, as a manager I am managing consultants not employees so while filing the L1A or amendment, will it be ok to show, If I have managed the employees for 6-9 moths or USCIS will look for atleast 1 whole year of role and responsbilities as managerial capacity for managing resources?

Thank you

  1. L1A
  2. 1 full year as manager is required.

on the same topic, I have another question. If I take a vacation in that 1 year period and visit India for short period, do I need to spend extra time in the country outside USA to complete 1 year or is that ok and I can apply as soon as 1 year completes?