EB1C i485j change in SOC code on LCA

Hi @anil_am22

I am discussing this with attorney but looking for some expert advice from you as well to get some clarity.

My EB1-C I-140 was approved based on SOC 11-3021.00 - Computer and Information Systems Managers but at present my H1 LCA has SOC as 15-1199.09 - Information Technology Project Managers.

My company’s job title (mentioned on joining letter) and job duties have no change and only SOC was changed by immigration team while filing recent H1B extension.

I am working with same employer and employer will provide job offer support letter same as previous (at the time I-140 was filed).

During my H1 extension immigration team said that green card is a future job and it has nothing to do with current H1 LCA. Not sure if this is true.

  1. What SOC should we fill in i-485j? The one mentioned in I-140 or current LCA?

  2. AC21 doesn’t apply to EB1C. Is this true? Or we have to use AC21 here to prove both job codes have same job duties?

  3. Do we also need to provide any additional support letter mentioning the change in SOC and providing information that Job duties still same as I-140?

Pls help.


You can go back to work for same job as mentioned on your 485 filing to avoid any issues.

AC21 allows moving to a same or similar kind of job.