EB2 consular processing without offer letter

I have approved I-140 from employer A, and priority date is Jan 2014. However, I have left the employer and moved to India few years back. As the priority date is current now, Is it possible now for me to apply for GC through consular processing ? Do consulates issue immigrant visa without requiring documents (offer letter) from the employer A? Thanks in advance

You need a valid job offer from the same employer who filed your i140 to file immigrant visa.

It is an employment based GC and if there is no employment, it will be denied.

Thanks Anil.
Could you also answer If I need the offer letter from the same employer that filed the I-140 even for adjustment of status ?

Your employer needs to fill i485J as proof of employment offer.

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I am also in the same dilemma. Can you confirm if the job offer means onshore job offer. I am currently working as an offshore employee for the same employer who filed my i140. So can I apply for consular processing with the current job details or do I need get US offer letter?

Employment based Green card and i140 are for a job based in the US. Hence, you do need to provide a valid job offer from a US employer.

Thank you Anil! I got clarification now.