EB2 Consular Processing

My EB2 priority date is June 2013. For personal reasons, I have been out of the USA since January 2017. My employer waited for 2 years and withdrew my i-140 at the end of 2019. However, he said the i-140 is still valid because it has already crossed the 180 days limit and I can use it again in the future in case I change my mind.

I’m planning to find out the options available right now. I like to proceed with the same employer instead of a new employer to avoid starting from perm again. My employer is willing to help, can I go for consular processing with the same perm job? He is ready to offer that one. But is it possible to proceed with the withdrawn i-140? Please help and suggest me the best option. Thanks in advance.

They should be able to reuse the perm and refile i140 again to port your priority date.

Talk to their lawyer and move fast.

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Ok, Anil. Thank you for your reply.