Eb2 green card prediction for next few months!

Hi I have a question behalf of my husband. So my husbands priority date for eb2 green card is December 2013. The current visa bulletin is showing the current priority date for Eb2 India is 8 th Jan 2013. Now my question is he got a job offer from a different company where he has to file his green card with the new employer within 6 months. My concern is will it be a good decision to change the company now or he should stick to the original employer now? And one more question how fast the eb2 priority date will move in next few months? Any prediction? Please help!

This depends on your priorities, better job/salary vs chances to be able to file AOS in next 4-5 months. Restarting the PERM process may take anywhere from 12 to 18 months depending on DOL audit or USCIS RFE etc.

Hi Kalpesh,

Thank you very much for your response, appreciated !!
If i want to talk with you, do you have phone consultation as i have few queries
I am in the process of switching job and my GC category is EB2. Just want to understand my future steps and what would be the best strategy in terms of GC


Arpita Das


You may contact at below link and Anil may be able to help you out.