ECA Evaluation Process - Can Mumbai University attest degree online in Covid-19?

Hi there,

My name is Siddharth and I had few queries regarding the ECA process:

  1. Is it true that bodies (other than WES) give the equivalency of Master’s to an Indian Master’s degree such as Master of Management Studies (MMS) which is like a proper 2 years master’s course? If yes, which ones are most certain to give this and what is the processing time (I know WES is fastest)

  2. In this time of COVID-19, any way in which attestation of documents can be done online. I want my master’s degree to be attested from Mumbai University (India) and then submitted to the body assessing for ECA?

Yes, it is true that there are multiple organizations that can evaluate your masters degree and each can have a different result.

Most people use WES though as they are the fastest. I am not sure which one can give you the best result as it varies based on the university and the subjects you have studied.

I am not sure if Mumbai university has provided any option to attest degrees online during COVID-19 situation. You may want to check Mumbai university’s website.

I have got it done from IQAS…they have given Master Status to my MBA …but they take 4 to 5 months in issuing the certificate

I am currently facing the same issue. I am not able to start with my ECA process as I could not contact mumbai University admin.
Did you get any response from anywhere ?
Kindly let me know. Thanks!

You can get e-attestation done from Mumbai University through the link below: