ECA through WES expired in 2019 - Re-apply or Request for duplicate copy


This is Akshith and my query is regarding the ECA.

I had got ECA from WES back in Nov 2014. Since the validity of this ECA for the Canada Express entry is expired, should I re-apply for a new one or request for an additional copy which WES claims is good enough since it has extended validity. I’m not sure how should I proceed.

Anyone who has gone through this situation, kindly advice.


I don’t understand your question.

Are you saying that your WES evaluation has long expiry date?

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your response. I got my WES evaluation back in Nov 2014. I suppose IRCC accepts evaluation report which has been issued within 5 years of the application submission right? Since my evaluation report was issued 6 years back, either I need to get my Master’s degree re-evaluated or get the duplicate copy of the expired report. My question is which option should I go with?



My suggestion is to go for reevaluation.